Our range of multi-strap retro style suspender belts are made in the UK by Chantilly Lace & Lingerie. The garments are generously sized and made to UK size specifications.

These suspender belts are designed to fit snugly around the waist and lay flat on the tummy.
The belt drops down over the hips, leaving the straps in the perfect position to meet the stocking tops. The metal suspender ends grip the stocking tops securely.

Sizes available: Small (UK 8-10), Medium (UK 12-14), Large (UK 16-18), Extra Large (UK 20-22), XXLarge (UK 24-26), & XXLarge (UK 26-28).

The size information below should help you choose the correct size.

Small Size (UK dress size 8-10). The top elastic (waist) measures 20 inches (51cm) unstretched & 28 inches (71cm) stretched.

Medium Size (UK dress size 12-14). The top elastic (waist) measures 24 inches (61cm) unstretched & 32 inches (81cm) stretched.

Large Size (UK dress size 16-18). The top elastic (waist) measures 26 inches (66cm) unstretched & 38 inches (97cm) stretched.

Extra Large Size (UK dress size 20-22). The top elastic (waist) measures 30 inches (76cm) unstretched & 50 inches (127cm) stretched.

XX Large Size (UK dress size 24 -26). The top elastic (waist) measures 33 inches (84cm) unstretched & 58 inches (147cm) stretched.

XXX Large size (UK dress size 26 - 28). The top elastic (waist) measures 36 inches (91cm) unstretched & 65 inches (164cm) stretched.

Kate, our model is wearing a size Small garment in all of the photos. She is a UK dress size 8-10.